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Member of the Board of Advisors / Financial Institutions

Ziya spent most of his 30+ year career in corporate and retail banking. In his most recent banking role, Ziya was the CEO of Akbank, one of the largest four Turkish Banks in terms of asset size and market cap. Ziya is a seasoned banking professional and he climbed the ladder to C suit through working within Commercial, Corporate and Investment Banking divisions during the 16 years he worked at Akbank. Prior to Akbank, Ziya took different roles in various financial institutions including Ottoman Bank/Banque Paribas, BNP/Ak Dresdner Bank and Interbank in Turkey. Ziya sits on various board seats across a wide portfolio of companies in Turkey including Sarkuysan, Elit Cikolata and Doruk Group.

Ziya has a B.S. Public Administration degree from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

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