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We work with UHNW’s and Families who are underserved by their current bankers or advisors, but who do not wish to absorb the cost of setting up their own family office. Our offering is a cost-effective way for clients to work with Tanto in making sure they are served appropriately to their needs. 


Our offering is relationship driven and focused solely on the aims of our clients. We work with clients who wish to be active in investing in opportunities from their ‘target list’ of assets they are interested in, as well as require our support or coordination of their ancillary service needs.


Tanto does not manage any client funds itself within our family office structure and instead seeks to work alongside existing bankers and professional advisors of the clients, or if necessary source new advisors for our clients. 


"Relationships are made constantly, but to become that trusted relationship confidant to clients takes time. It has no prescribed timeframe to achieve this, but will consist exclusively of you having your clients best interests at heart, by listening to each client religiously and adapting your approach to each clients requirements. You may not be able to help achieve every goal, investment, deal or requirement, but standing side by side with your client throughout every moment with honesty is where the trust is created and earned."


Stephen Hudson, Head of Multi-Family Office

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